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Brother Abdul Ahad Mentions The Following In One Of Our Blogs

 “I searched everywhere for help and that’s when I came across this program Alhamdulillah. The insight I received about my addiction was life changing. I realised that acting out was not my problem but was the solution to my problems until it stopped working. The program helped me see life from a different angle. I realised the problem was not out there but was in here, between my two ears. It was not the acting out, it was the acting in. It was my own shortcomings, my negative outlook on life, my conditioning, and my connection with Allah that kept me in the chains of addiction. 

I had to let go of my old ways and developed a new way of life. I started to work the stages, built a network of recovery and started to take care of my mental and spiritual health. Through the program i was able to get closer to Allah, I was able to trust Him and realise He swt was not out there to get me. In fact He The Most Merciful of those who show mercy wanted me to turn to Him, rely on Him, and surrender to Him Azza Wajjal. As Allah mentions in the Quran: “And Allah desires that He should turn to you (mercifully), and those who follow (their) lusts desire that you should deviate (with) a great deviation” (4:27). I came to that point where i could walk around freely knowing that Allah has taken care of me, he is taking care of me and always will. I stopped trying to quit this addiction on my own and handed myself over to Him to keep me sober, happy and free.” 
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, this is what we do this for. Success stories like these are what keep us going and make us want to strive even harder on this path. 

What Do Others Think Of My Tazkiyah?

I am a female who has been suffering with lust for a few years. I managed to find My Tazkiyah online. I was afraid to join, but I sent an email to know more information on My Tazkiyah. I received a reply and I decided to become a member on the forums. I mainly try to be active on the forums, particulary the Sharing forum. Whenever I post, it helps to let it out on whatever I am feeling and or going through. It is also helpful for me to hear from other members if they are able to relate and or give suggestions/advises. After a year, I am now being coached. I had two sessions. The second session pulled me and made me realise some issues about myself that I was denying secretly inside my heart. I believe it is very beneficial to be a member on the forums and being coached. I believe these two together are extremely important that will help a person to quickly recover as long they are sincere.
(Anonymous, My Tazkiyah Member)

This program literally changed my life. I was on the brink of loosing my marriage and career but by the will of Allah this program helped me reclaim my life when I was at a stage where i thought there was no hope for me, May Allah bless the brothers who were there for me. 
(Anonymous, My Tazkiyah member) 

I thought I just had a high sexual drive. Sometimes I thought I was just an evil soul or that I was a pervert. At My Tazkiyah I realised I am not my addiction. 
(Abu Laith, My Tazkiyah member)

The program helped me see life from a different perspective. I realised the problem was not out there but was in here, between my two ears. 
(Abdul Ahad, My Tazkiyah member)

The help and support I got from the My Tazkiyah staff was priceless. Whenever I would message Ustad Abu Musa he would be there to answer my questions and provide me with the solutions. That connection and exposure of the problem is what you need to really recover and heal from porn addiction and I got all of that from the program. 
(Abu Abdullah, My Tazkiyah member) 

I am a changed man and more calm and collected as my friends have pointed out. I tried many programs before and managed to get clean but did not experience the peace and joy that I got with the My Tazkiyah program. Definitely something special about the brothers here. 
(Abu Esa, My Tazkiyah) 

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